WordPress 2.0.6 Partially Solves one.com Error?

I just updated stepheno.net to WordPress 2.0.6. It appears that some of the initial errors and problems I stumbled upon when I was installing WordPress 2.0.5 for the first time here at one.com are now solved. (My workaround for WP 2.0.5 can be read here: Installing WordPress at one.com).

WordPress Screenshot

As visitors may experience, I am still struggling redirecting to my RSS feed at FeedBurner (stepheno.net Migrating to FeedBurner). This has to do with 30x Location awkwardness at one.com, I am working on trying different solutions. I can however state that my feed is accessible directly at: http://feeds.feedburner.com/stepheno

(Also redirecting apparently works sometimes with Google Reader using the url http://stepheno.net/feed .)

5 thoughts on “WordPress 2.0.6 Partially Solves one.com Error?”

  1. A reader has mentioned that his old Blogline’s stepheno.net feed of the original/direct RSS feed is again working!

  2. I’m planning on moving over to WordPress soon, but for the life of me I can’t make the template system work.

    The documentation is a shambles, so that’s no help.

    I’m going to be moving Blah, Blah! Technology across and starting a second ‘blog that will sit on my personal website.

    Anyone here know how to take a web page template and convert it to the mess that is the WordPress templating fiasco?

  3. Converting a design to templates can be a nightmare. On one of my old sites, I spent weeks making a nice design and trying to make the templates wordpress friendly. After it looked OK on Firefox and Safari, it was completely messed up in Internet Explorer.
    I do know that the documentation is getting better over at wordpress. Though I think the most simple way is find a theme/template the resembles your design, and then swap out the images and colors to fit your design.
    I do think that a converter, like the one you mention, would really be great.

    As can be seen here at stepheno.net I’m using standard themes and templates created by others with some small modifications to put my personal touch on the site. It really has saved me a lot of time.

  4. The thing is, the underlying code for WordPress is just awful, second only to the Digg clone Pligg, which I’m working on currently.

    It’s clear that when they started to develop WordPress, they did so without any forethought towards extending the UI with templates, or they wouldn’t have implemented near-recursive include()’s everywhere…

  5. Hehe, I quite easily managed to surpress the memory of all the include()’s. Anyway I wish you the best of luck!

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